Bularri Yarrul Hot Stone TreatmentWelcome to Bularri Yarrul

BULARRI YARRUL is the newest and most profound of all hot stone massage therapies. It uses the oldest and most energetically charged stones in the world and combines their power with the the best massage techniques to bring your clients to the deepest level of relaxation possible.

BULARRI YARRUL is a description taken from the ancient Kamilaroi Aboriginal language. It was a spoken by the people who inhabited the places in Australia where the BULARRI YARRUL stones are harvested. Bularri Yarrul means, ‘warm stones’.

BULARRI YARRUL is a Spa treatment that requires training and certification. There is simply no better hot stone process available. The focus of this exquisite treatment is your client and they will book in for the Bularri Yarrul hot stone treatment time and time again, it is that addictive.